It's going to be okay, Stop worrying

Stop worrying. It's going to be okay. Close your eyes and stop your mind. Say your prayers and give all your worries to God. Trust in Him and you will sleep peacefully.

My mind is like a roller coaster..let my mind be freed from everything dear God from what I'm going through and hope I will be forgiven from all the negativity. I know God is good.

God tells us not to worry and put everything in his hands and he will help us through. Nothing is too big for God to handle..Thank you God for the many blessing you have given me and the times that you have helped me through.

Lord I'm in need of answered prayers that I've been asking for,Lord I'm about to lose my mind.l can't sleep at night or have a pray day.Please Lord help me 🙏 Thank you Lord for everything your guidance and protection Amen

I pray a good sleep a wake up good in the morning thanks for protecting me & my family-grandkids Amen ❤️🙏 Thank You Lord for keeping Me & My Family  safe. I put all my Faith in you and  will continue to Worship you! Thank you Lord for watching over us during these difficult times. 

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