God never gives problems without solutions

 Locks are never manufactured without a key. Similarly God never gives problems without solutions. Only we need to have  patience to unlock them!

Constantly remind us that eventually everything will work out. You’re in complete control. Help us wait patiently for what You have in store for us. Help us cultivate the right attitude. It’s not easy at times; but let it be worth it. Open the doors before us!

God knows what you are going through, He knows what you're hiding from others in your heart, so be patient every thing will work out just wait and you will see Hopefully.

Many people are going through many hardships.  Some have lost their family members and some have lost their livelihood.  Sometimes things seem difficult.  But we must not despair of the mercy of the Almighty.   The Almighty hears all our prayers and responds to our prayers.   He is near us.  One day, we will see that everything happened with a purpose and the Almighty will grant us what is best for us. May we seek the Almighty with patience and prayer.  

Among the stress and hardships we are going through, we feel  the Mercy of Almighty only because our blessings are much more than the hardships. We know that life is full of tests and trials and for those who constantly think and Ask for the mercy of our Lord can see and experience the blessings pouring on to us. For them nothing matters except the love and Mercy of our Lord. 

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