Believe in yourself, Focus on your goals

"Do not expect everyone to understand your journey. We all take a different paths in life..."

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey, And Thats OK. Focus On Moving Forward Not What Others Think.

Evidently, all the way! To remember that we have to live our life and not make everyone understand...this would be a waste of time and frustrating! 

Life is unpredictable anything can happen in a blink of an eyes, Yet people  don’t value each other !

You'd be surprised who's watching your life's journey and being Inspired by it. Just Don't Quit when you feel that you can't take a next step! In Life Many people want to understand Your Journey. They aren’t suppose to. It is Not for them.

Sometimes you feel that your friends are your best support. And you start to depend on that support system but gradually you get to know that by time people change, some change because of their perception about your life's journey, others change because they see you at a better position than themselves (as they start comparisons) , and most of them change or stop supporting you because of lack of time as everyone is busy in their lives.

I personally advise you all not to depend on any support system as it will make you feel weaker than you are, believe in yourself, keep your trust in God Almighty and just focus on your goals. You will be unstoppable! 

Not everyone will understand your journey. That's okay. You're here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.
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