Be careful who you let into your life

It's hard to have a broken heart and to chase someone and following hope they love you instead we need to move on and being a word of God and God will direct us to the people that are going to be important in our life thank God for what he has done in the past for what he's doing now I think God what for what he's going to do in the future and your soulmate will be in front of you not behind you amen.

Perfect message I heard loud and clear if people don't think about me please go away no more pushing myself up into you if you don't have no respect for me.

It's not the presence of some one that bring meaning to life.But the way someone touches your heart gives life a beautiful meaning.

I got the message quite clear - we need to respect ourselves of not pushing people to like us or love us.

That person can’t see you for what you are. Run and run very fast. There’s someone out there waiting just for you. your soul mate.

They still deserved to show gratitude coz' no  one is perfect only the Lord. Pray people who told you unwanted words that makes you anxiety. That's what the Lord wants us to do.

I agree with not begging people to stay in your life, but I would point out that we still need to show gratitude for and cherish the people we do have. Example, if a man stops cherishing his wife, he will stop chasing her. He'll stop showing her how much she means to him. She then begins to feel unwanted and unloved, even neglected, and eventually she will leave. Don't beg people to stay in your life, but at the same time, do everything in your power to show the people in your life that you value and cherish them.

It is a good lesson needs to be learned no matter all U do &try to do to show how much U care & how much they mean to U  but doesn't matter to them it's time to turn & walk away  & don't look back because it nothing there  !

Try to be alone some times because God is always with you He will never leaved you He's Good all the time.

Respect to each other is very important. Don't beg for love, Love is to be given not be begged.

Don’t beg for love. I know love be gets love. Love and respect yourself. You can’t give love and respect to others if you don’t have the love and respect of yourself. This generally the basic foundation of successful relationships.

I am done chasing after people when they no longer want to be caught back into your life or my life I learn to let them come to me when they think they can handle me again. I been hurt by someone unintentionally that wasn't my fault. Be yourself, be confident until you find your soulmate.

If they ignore you just walk away dont push yourself to someone who doesnt value you they are not worthy of your love.

If you feel that you are only the option not the priority, give respect to your self, walk away and leave!

There always someone who wants what you have be careful who you let into your life. The truth always comes out.

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