Saying I'm fine when you weren't

Have you ever just said "I'm fine" when you weren't because some people wouldn't understand?

Sometimes it's not them understanding, but the fact that you don't wanna talk about it... again... sometimes you can be sick of the sound of your own voice..

Most of my life!!!! I had to stay strong for others, even when I was crying in my closet at night!!! Most people never knew this about me.

Me All the time. Not that they won’t understand most don’t care and it doesn’t make you feel any better to say anything. God is my comfort and my listener every day. Taking care of others and listening to them is more important. 

All the time. I just talk to God. He's the only one that truly knows and understands. He's always beside me. Pushing me along.

All the time, whatever life throws at me those famous words "I'm fine" helps me to keep going the alternative isnt an option 💗

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