People always notice your mistakes

No one notices your tears, No one notices your sadness, No one notices your pain. But they all notice your mistakes.

I am blessed to have a best friend that notices everything I go through.

There will be conflict only as long as there is the observer and the observed, which is what is. That observer creates a space in consciousness; this space in consciousness is always limited because there is always the observer and that observer is obviously memory, the accumulation of experience, which has been put together by time both chronologically and psychologically.

That's life for you but never give up base on what people thinks rather prove to them that your mistakes makes you stronger.

Sometimes no one has notices what we really feel if we're okay or not, but with one mistake we've done every one notices. So just be careful with your words and actions.

People just like to judge other people of their mistakes and they carry grudges against you. It is really sad. Like is about making mistakes and trying hard not to make them over and over again.

As a rule everyone looks for the weaknesses in others and not their strengths.

Yet they think they have never made made any mistakes or have done any thing bad or wrong they are far from perfect just like everyone. Everyone makes mistakes but some people just won't let you forget them 🥺

True -  the closer they are to you, the more critical they are & the more you are taken for granted!

May we learn to appreciate and forgive each other so we can all live in harmony.

Please take time to be kind to people who have wronged you, turn the other cheek ..And Say ty God.

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