Light of protection

Dear God, please put a white light of protection around my family and friends. Bless them as they go about their day and let no harm come to them. Amen.

Thank you lord for everything you have done for my family I need some of your blessings now please help me with what is going on in my life right now.  AMEN

Dear God let your light surround all my family and me to keep us protected from all things.

Thank you God for everything you have done for me including saving me from the brink of death. Thank you from the bottom of my heart forever .

God I ask that you please protect everyone in the world. & keep them safe as they go about there day today- & there week & may you answers whatever prayers they need &  bless them with whatever blessings they are in need of- Amen Thank you Lord for protecting my family and keeping us all safe!!

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