I am abundantly blessed

 I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear,  food to eat,  a bed to sleep in and most of all the Lord to watch over me.  I am beyond wealthy.

Some people have nobody, and are even homeless. So be thankful for all the blessings you have.

Some people do things that riun the family. Cause much trouble. Then get on facebook and complain they have no family to rely on. Why would their family want to be there for them.They are never satisfied. Love your family. And they love you back. As my old mother said, Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

I am so blessed having a GOD who provided all of my needs.

Even without asking..i know that HE stands out for me what the future would bring.because i surrendered it all to my only ONE ALMIGHTY GOD. Ameen

I am abundantly blessed with loving & caring family, friends, neighbors, plenty of food, home, gas in my car, great health, more clothes in my closet than I need, good mind, a voice to speak, eyes to see, feet to walk but most of all I have God as my Savior who cares & watches over me. Amen

Well I'm rich in having a place to live and food on my table a warm place to stay and Alice warm bed an most of all I have God in my heart that's something that money can't buy for you.

Love is priceless and indeed we are rich if we are surrounded by it with our family and a few trusted sincere friends but give thanks with a grateful heart for everything we have to live each day sufficiently. Praise the Lord Who provide our daily benefits.

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