Grandkids are always in Grandma's heart

A Grandmother thinks about her grandchildren day and night. They are always in her prayers and even if they are not with her, they are always in her heart.

No sweeter words were ever spoken! I never imagined how wonderful it feels to be a grandmother, people told me how great it is but until you become a grandparent you have no clue!

Our grandkids are our pride and joys we as ma's always praying for them that they would grow up in the ways of the Lord and when they old they will not depart from Gods Word amen πŸ™

It doesnt matter how old they are We still want life to be good for them.

My grandkids are always in my thoughts love them so much. 

I think of all my grandchildren and love and adore them all.

Love My Grandchildren They Are The Loves of my life!! They Are My World!! πŸ’–

They aren't perfect, but neither am I, but they are mine and I love them so much. I think I'll keep them forever.

Holy God please keep all my grandchildren safe, healthy in mind, body and soul. Ameen

My Grandma was the role model for kindness, gentleness, un conditional love, and joy. Miss her every day

They are my treasure all my grandchildren are my strength always in my prayers love them allπŸ’–

Thank God every day for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.Thank you god for all my blessing, love them all to the moon πŸŒ™ and back πŸ™

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