Being a grandmother

 Being a mother is the most important job in the world, but being a grandmother is the most fun!!

I love being grandma,i raising my grandson that keeps me busy ❤ To that awesome grandmother just remember you never too old to feel like a kid again.

Grandkids are the most precious gift. I am truly blessed with the most kindness, loving 🥰 bundle of joy! They give me strength each time we’re together. Love them so much! 💕 

Being a PARENT is a most important job, I love it! And being a GRANDPARENT is the frosting on the cake! Being great grandma even more fun, just sit back and watch them giving as much love as they get, love all mine.

Love being a nan. Grandkids really know how to warm your heart and make you feel so loved. I am so grateful that I'm a grandmother I love my grandchildren so much. Being a Grandmother is a very precious gift.  I love all them and all the great grandkids !

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