God's Countless Blessings

Thank You Lord for your countless blessings upon me, all my family, relatives & friends. Thank you so much Lord.

To friends and family and to people I don't know may this these words will heal the pain you are facing love comes from above may you be blessed in a way that you been waiting for only believe in the God.

I'm claiming this Absolutely and Totally Amazing Blessing that God up about is sending to Bless our Home. 

Thank you Lord for all that you bless me with and everything you've already blessed me with, Amen.

Me and my family are open and receptive of each and every single blessing our almighty God provides we are eternally grateful and thankful to our almighty. Thank you Lord for all your blessings for me and family. Please heal my family. 

God thank you for your blessings and guidance and constant support. I release it all to you, Lord. I claim your blessings and receive them in Faith.  Amen 

Thank you Sweet Lord! Good health for my family, peace of mind and good days!

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