Pay attention how someone treats you

You learn a lot about people when they don't get what they want.

You find out they were using you, after you have been so thoughtful and dedicated to your friendship....then they just walk out of your life. You find out that you never mattered at all. That's the worst part of it.

I only wish if there were a bit,a bit of grace in them, I would at least be able to laugh my pain off.  I still do laugh off my pain.

I think it's so important  to learn at a very young age, that you cant have everything  you want.   And when you do to learn Gratitude.

You learn exactly what the person is like and most of the time, it’s not pretty. Remove yourself from them because you just learned something about that person that disturbs you and you are better than that! Have a great day and stay safe!

Keep judging what you don’t understand and you’ll never get to the place where you do understand.

With time, we get to see what people can be.  Their true colors will show.  Some people are good in the beginning, in the present, and the days ahead.  And some good temporarily, and when they are done using, then they treat you very bad. Pay attention to how someone behaves and treats you.  If they don't treat you well or respect you,  let that person go.

I think in ourselves as well. I am constantly learning more and more about my nature and tendencies in different life circumstances. 

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