Insecure and manipulative people

Be careful. There are many insecure & manipulative people out there who will use and abuse you, who will anger & irritate us. If you’ve fallen victim, forgive yourself for the bad decisions you’ve made. Move on with a better mindset. Such people will always exist. Be mindful the next time, with hindsight! Dealing with them can be difficult. Do your best; minimise contact. Often, they’re not people of logic but of emotion, prejudice & pride. Learn to stay away from their arguments. They sap your energy & rob you of your inner peace. 

This is what is affecting us most probably, you do see men just exchanging useless ideas , creating abuse from everywhere and make a hell of noise upon you , you are told a good way by our brother , just keep off their sh!ts and move on , do your work or what ever you should do , then if you kill them with silence, the possibility for that person to carry on abusing you will be low, if he may miss someone to  debate with him , he might see himself as foolish and can master silence . Stop judging them , leave them alone , have in mind that the Almighty will gonna reward you one day.

Forgiveness is the coming of a good person. Mistakes happen, but beware before you fall into bad people. Do not befriend them so that they do not abuse you.

May God give us the ability to recognise our enemies so that we can stay away from them. This is such a difficult time in the world when some people think the fools are right and the honest are wrong.

Let's pray for this kind of people, and if we are with this kind of people let our faith be more stronger than his attitude , because in the end Almighty God sees everything

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