Choose the option that gives you peace to your mind

Choose the option that gives you peace to your mind.   You don't want to give yourself more pain and hurt by holding something inside of you.   If a argument would take away your peace of mind, maybe avoid the argument and see if keeping a distance would help.  Do what you think will be good for your health.

It does cost a lot of courage to be vulnerable and honest . But after you took the risk it’s freeing your hurt heart.

There is always an appropriate way to tell people we don't agree. Their reaction is their problem, not ours...

That’s the worst. When you can’t talk but your dying inside. So you choose 

1) Deal with it on your own 

2) Bring it up an hope it doesn’t turn into a fight when it’s almost always a fight & your almost always in tears.

3) Leave the relationship like everybody keeps telling you to do. because what happens long term when you can’t even talk about things? Loneliness, depression, suicidal thoughts & possible cheating. 

Someone here posted to “choose the option that gives you peace to your mind” but what would give us peace is if the other person actually cared.

These days friends are unreliable. Instead of consoling or bare the problem with you it's when they infringe on you more pain and put you in deep waters 

Not all though, it's only that you can not tell who will betray you further or pull you out.

Sometimes it's too hard to pretend that you're okay. I personally have something killing me inside but he noticed my moods and is requesting I should tell him about it. I don't feel like sharing it with him because he may not be able to handle it. He might just pretend to be okay with it to make me happy but it might end up killing him inside. Am afraid I can't risk. 

Honesty is first and foremost in any relationship. If you have began the foundation on honesty ,truth , real Love and understanding. Then the floor should always be left open for the conversation of truth. To clear the air and move forward for both people involved. Honesty never fails ... I place honesty in the highest regard.  All topics should be welcomed to discuss. If there is a pure love shared between each other nothing is ever to big to talk through..   There has to be real love coming from both sides.

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