Best way to prepare ourselves before dying

When you die, people cry and beg for you to come back, but Sometimes when you're here, they don't even show they care about you.

Sometimes it's better to pay visit those no longer around or cannot speak because some dont like to be visited. May be the best way to prepare oneselves before dying be friendly forgive all accept the fact not blame others of what had happened get away all bitterness in life and get in touch with them so that family members friends and all will come to you and visit you while still alive showing care but still insensitive and not appreciable. We never give importance people who are near with us, we just noticed their importance when they are not with us anymore,we recognized later when it's too late.

If you can't find time for me now and show that you really care then don't bother to act like you cared before , and if you don't like me it's ok I will always be me I don't lose any sleep over it , my heart and love goes to the people that feel the same about me. I would always want to say this to those who ignore me ,if you care come to me anytime but if you hate me, please don't come even to my funeral . But I appreciated all those who have thoughtfulness of me and May the blessing of God be upon us always Amen.

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