God, we pray for your protection

CORONAVIRUS PRAYER: Dear God l Stretch My Hands To Thee no other help I know God I am a True Believer we need to continue to pray for each other because God is working it out for us so keep the faith.

I pray for all infected by this virus, that God will watch over them. 🙏 for our first responders, nurses, doctors, police and firefighters,  and for all families and friends who loved ones, that God will will give them strength and wisdom.

I pray for healing for all those  affected by this deadly virus. We pray that all negative outcomes to be resolved in Your Healing Hands. Amen.

Lord help us to set our minds on things above today. Help us to choose Thanks and Praise instead of foolish fears. You are always faithful and our future is secure in you.

God, we pray for your protection. We also pray for guidance for the minds and hands of the medical experts as they minister to the sick with competence amd compassion. We pray also for those afflicted that they may be restored to health soon. We are also praying for Your grace that we may  work for the good of all and to help those in need 🙏
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