The Truth Always Prevails

The truth always comes out in the end: Sometimes it takes a very long time though! I wish the truth would come out sooner. The truth comes out but believing & accepting is another thing.

Might take years for someone to admit they were wrong in their actions. Meanwhile best thing is to leave it alone.

I know now why I didn't share my thoughts before of what I knew! Truth will always comes out by one wrong word Thank you God for holding my breath till the end ๐Ÿ™

The problem is some people don't like to hear the truth and prefer to believe lies told to them if it suits their purpose.  Keep positive

sometimes it hurts that you have to wait till the end to find out the truth.... And thats all you ask for is the truth..

We all need to realize that sometimes we don't have to always defend ourselves. The truth will presser.

We grew up with, “keep your head down and your eyes open and your mouth silent!”

I have finally learned to keep myself silent! It’s for the better especially at work. These are nice things to hear, yet we agree with it & continue to do it without realizing it. Or think it should apply to others, cause we have it under control ourselves.

My mouth gets me in trouble some times. Still trying to keep my mouth shut when it comes to family and or a friend if they are upset. " Mom would say.... stay out of other's people's hurt, and pain". Still trying to learn that๐Ÿ‘

But stand up for yourself don’t let fools take all your energy walk with the level headed people their people that think they are vip there rejects.
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