Love is a beautiful thing

To my someone special: I do appreciate the love, support and understanding you always give to me. You are a treasure that's worth keeping for life.❤️

When someone helps you and they’re struggling too, that’s not help that’s love.

Thank you for the love and the support,  understanding, you know who you are. God Bless!

To all those helping me in whichever way, I thank you and appreciate every bit of love, and encouragement 😍 thank you!!

If I see someone struggling then I would do my best to help them,that’s not love,that’s just me being who I am!

Helping is one thing. Being taken advantage of is another.  Just saying...

I'm so thankful to have my family in my life. They are beautiful inside and out, My Family members always put everyone else's needs first, They all are VERY strong, thoughtful, kind, caring, selfless and loving human. They love me when I can't stand myself and forget to love myself. I Thank God for this everyday for giving me a SUPER special family.
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