I notice more than you realize, Don't underestimate Quotation

Don't underestimate me. 
I know more than I say, 
think more than I speak, 
and notice more than you realize.
I was just quiet but not blind not even deaf, i have sensed everything.  The most beautiful thing is to know more than what they think you know💪❤ Don't judge a river you never know it runs deeper than you think.

That's how I've always felt but could never explain it. I have always been feeling misunderstood. 

It's not being judgmental its stating the truth! I for one dont judge or read a book just by its cover... but fool me once it's my fault,fool me twice its yours! 

When truth comes out, the painful part of it all is you don't say a word or have a Confrontation...you just keep it bottled up inside and as you are so mad at yourself, that's when you fall apart.

Less talk while my senses are incredibly alive with great instincts. No one comes close to know what I know and understand. I do think that God gives me something special and I thank Him for it.