New Chapter Of Life

Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life, just turn the page and begin a new chapter.

Some days are definitely harder than others. Everyday is a new. But Our Lord will help us to see the different way the next chapter of the book  with hope and understanding.

We must keep on moving.. no one can reach their goal in life if they wont get up and move out from the tragedies and sad moments cannot see the next chapter of your life if you'll stop and just cry.. So, move on and be strong to face realities and battles of life.. Amen!
Life is full of ups and downs. Allow sadness into your life once in a while, cry it out when you feel like crying. It feels good sometimes , it purges your emotions. You will never know what happiness is, unless you encounter sadness in your life.

I am trying, but a few people will not stop trying to rip the book from my hands so I can't turn the page.  They want the same old thing to go on, because it was working for them and NOT for me.  I am working on it.

U have to start a new chapter and that is to move on your old book is finished time to start writing your book on your new life starting chapter one
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