Hugging is the best form of showing you really care and love

Hugging - Beautifulform of communication: I am a huge fan of hugging!  I was raised in a family that never failed to give hugs and I passed it on to my kids and their families. It was/is a pure sign of love and happiness from one to another.

Large, sincere hugs. I have received many over my lifetime that I will forever treasure.
Never really been hugged by anyone I care about.Strangers have hugged me more.
Always been a hugger and taught my children because my mama taught me.
A hug from a loved one communicates more than words can say sometimes.  Only problem is that in some cases it’s hard to let go! It’s wonderful “therapy”! A visible sign that says “You are loved, you matter, you are important to me”.  Meaningful physical contact is something that we all need, on all levels.

I’m a hugger for sure ..... I was brought up that way !I hug from people to trees 🌲 What a beautiful world this would be if more people hugged  ! Sending big hugs to all and have an amazing day !

Hugging - I love “ Hugging as a way of saying you do matter to me “