Keep being yourself and stand being Who you are

That’s true as you get to know how people work on you take no notice and walk away.

I don't regret I'm going always be me kind hearted person regardless of how other people act I'm going to be me.

Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.

Keep going. Not all days will be smooth sailing. Some days are tough, really tough and things seem uncertain. But always move ahead with hope. Hope that things will get better because the Almighty has promised us that after hardship, there’ll be ease. So don’t despair!

Always remember that Almighty is with us.  Everything is happening with a purpose.   When things are not going well, be patient and pray.   The Almighty will respond to our prayers and with His Mercy, our situation will change.   Put your trust in Almighty and He will provide you with the best.

Returning good for evil gives you peace. Remember, people who believe in you will always be there through thick and thin.

Keep being yourself and stand being Who you are. It takes a ton of courage, patience and understanding for anyone to be able to do this.
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