Have to have faith in God and what he brings

I know everything happens for a reason. But sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.

When we believe in it than why we worry about to know about it ???yes one time while my life I expected and really wanted to know but I couldn’t do anything I accepted as no choice ....God give peace in heart to those who trust him blindly and manage everything which even we can’t even think to accomplish...so we all are blessed.

Just take each day, live it to the best of who you are, and God will do the rest.
Sometimes I think why do we assume that things happen for one reason or another? what if they are just happening with no specific reason at all, randomly?

Everything doesn't happen for a reason. When something happens, we find some reason for it to make ourselves feel better. That's the truth and human psychology. Get used to it.

Maybe with some  things we aren't meant to know or understand. Just to accept. As hard as that may be.

We can only trust, and believe that something will happen. I trust the Lord. It teaches you to let go of negative people.