Remember my Heart, Generosity Is of the Heart

Remember my heart that I loved each of you more than tongue can tell ❣️

Please do for me a favor Keep me in your mind and heart dispite of my shortcoming and unpleasant attitude towards you and the others. Sorry & Love You. Family friends mate neighbors and to other people whom i cannot please. Ameen

If you remember anything of me after I leave this world remember that I loved even when it was foolish. That I cared even when it was unwanted. When my body is gone remember my heart.

Amen to my loving family God you will always remember me this way love you all. Everything I have, the love of family, friends, affections, togetherness and their memories will be left behind, only my memories will accompany me at the end.  therefore, nothing to worry about.🙏

What a great wonderful thought.   We must remember, “ life is for the living. Time to move on and remember memories..  Make sure your memories leave a lot of God’s blessings an Humor.

I hope I will be remembered with kind words. I know I probably Aggravate my family with some things I say & do but don't do them with any malice! I'm sure we all do things that are not tolerated. 💖 you all!
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