Stop Telling People Everything

Stop explaining yourself and telling people everything You owe no one any explanation of what you do. Your life is yours, not theirs.

Except when what you are doing is directly affecting another’s life in a negative way. Then you do owe them an explanation.

Exactly, like it being said, " your life is what you make of it. Live for yourself, take care of self. Live your life for the happiness you deserve. And don't worry what others say. There are people out there to tell someone what they should/ shouldn't do. When they should be minding their own.

There is a balance in life ,its knowing who to trust, some people just love gossip.

I'm guilty of this, I have to learn to keep my business to myself. I like to share with family only,they can understand.

If you don't explain yourself in some instances, then people will draw their own conclusion which is typically inaccurate!! 

Letting others into your world not only helps them understand you but also help you understand yourself. Support is very important.
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