Stay Strong You Lovely People And Stay Positive

if you've done that today or any day, I'm proud of you.

So thankful for my family for understanding mine! They always love me through them.

I have panic attacks.  I take medication and I have learned to set in the back of room near a door so I can get outside quickly. When I feel I am starting to experience a panic attack. I start saying the Lord’s Prayer and with meds. I start to feel a calmness come over me. Then the tears flow. It is such a weakness feeling.  - Judy 

Mine make me want to rip the walls down with my bare hands. Some days seem to take a very long time to go away. - LJ

Have many panic attacks often but helps to cry them out and then get busy... the feeling is so strong seems it will never stopšŸ„µ

It's very hard and painful to pull your own self out of anxiety attack or a panic attack. Panic attacks are the worst.  Horrible symptoms feel like you're dying. No one understands until it happens to them!

I get anxiety attacks its not easy pulling yourself out of one.  I know but I do my best, sometimes its good other bad.
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