Only God keeps you going

Happiness keeps you sweet.
Trials keep you strong.
Sorrows keep you human.
Failure keeps you humble.
Success keeps you glowing.
But only God keeps you going.

Happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled, happiness is feeling of contentment. All you want is a simple life full of love. Be happy with nothing and you will be happy with everything. 

May Almighty God remove all things that are causing stress, sorrow and grief in our live's Amen.

Almighty. Grant us peace of mind & calm our troubled hearts. Remove all things that are causing stress, sorrow &  grief in our lives. 

Always be patient and trust God. Time will pass and you will get the rewards for your patience.

Thank You God for hearing me at my time of need. And having Faith in your Divine Spirit. Amen.

A lot of people need to live by this way. God is faith trust yourself & feel positive every thing will be fine.