Mommy I miss you so much and l love you

In loving memory of my mother: I miss my Mom every single moment of every single day. I love her so much. I miss my mom every single moment of my life, but I know I will see her again, amen.

I pray that my Mom is smiling down at me. I think of her all the time and smile at the great life we had.
Yes My Mom The greatest woman in my life and I miss her everyday Praying to as many as you can Only God can make my heart calmness and Peaceful and that's so True Ameen Thank you.
My mom was honest, loving , kind, and very talented with her guitar! Although she died many years ago I still love and miss her!
Mommy I miss you so much and l love you. I think about you everyday and it's you who I know was the best mom I could of ever had, I look up to heaven everyday and I feel your presents always, mommy I will always remember, all the wonderful times we spent together,and I love you!

I miss my mom just as much today as I did the day she died. I talk to her every day.  I miss her love, her advice, her friendship and the feeling of having her near. Love you so very much💖

I will always miss my precious Mother. She was my everything. She was my cheerleader,  my counselor, my best friend and the sweetest Mother I could ever hope for...I can't  wait to see her again..I love you Mom, always❤
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