Honestly is the best gift you can give

Anyone can give material things, but giving attention, loyalty, effort, and honesty is priceless.
and unconditional love - then this would be perfect! If only more people understood that, it would be a better world.

Looks like they are on vacation and he's happy she is there seeing something that they both think and feel in their heart something that is special.
But unfortunately some people think that material stuffs are more important than the other things - life experience.

But giving things because you are loyal show love by supporting those we love shows the nicest effort and attention to those we love and that too can be priceless.

It's really sad when material things is the only thing someone has to give... it's easier for them to spend their money on you than to be honest or loyal.  This shows a true lack of respect as they are "buying" you and think that lying to you will be tolerated because they "bought" you something.