Everything thing will be ok with you

I'm a strong person, but once in a while, I need someone to hug me & tell me, "Everything's going to be alright."

Everything’s fine calm down take a deep breath look around u be happy look at how beautiful the sky is.

A hug would be nice somedays, the last one i had from a "friend" stung and still hurts.
Yes even I need them at some point, I'm usually the one that provides them to the needful ones. Every no and then I'm the needful one,where is everyone when I need them?

If I am strong enough  I dont need anymore to support me .If  I am strong enough I should know to solve my own problems.  Just because I have a problem I cannot blame anyone else. That is not fair. If I am weak I may need help.  Being strong is something else and being weak is something else. Please try to understand that.