Be Thankful for Today, Let it be for the better

Be thankful for today, Thank you Lord for everyone And everything in my  life!

Always be thankful for every blessings that has come on your way. Always have faith in God. Be kind & generous and it will be multiplied. God will always find ways for your better future as long as you have trust in Him. We should always be grateful no matter what happens always says thank you lord.

Things can change in a split second and your life isn't the same.  Believe me I do know that for a fact! I'm Thankful my eyes opened this morning,not sure what the rest of the day holds but my trust and Faith is in God.

God is all knowing. Without Him in our life our life would be miserable. Go on, Trusting Him and He'll  gonna show us how amazing  and mighty He is.amen.Thanks Lord. 

You must be thankful to God what ever life  you have today all your success hardships and trials, without God were nothing to Him.. The best way to achieve your day is to be thankful to God every morning for the another day of life, He is the author perfecter of our life we should thankful everyday.

Love the ones that are with you. ♥️ We never know when it's our time only God knows. God Bless My Family and Friends.

Let it be for the better. But whatever comes may we accept with humility our strenght was always coming from God all alone.
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