Always make time to talk to friends and family

Some Talk To You In Their Free Time, And Some Free Their Time To Talk To You. Learn The Difference.

Some only when they need you!! They never give it a thought that you may need them!😓😨

Some talk to you And some don't want to listen to you. They want to tell all the Drama they have. And you can say anything.
And some people are just busy dealing with life and can only give or not give what time they do or do not have.  Look beyond what you see on the surface and know the person and respect what they may be going through. People have reasons for what they do, it isn't always a personal thing against you.

Some talk when they have  something  to say..and dont.. its ok.. if they are a true friend  it dont matter you can go weeks or months  and start right where you left off.
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