Wipe away the people who made you cry

Instead of wiping away your tears,you should wipe away the people who made you cry.

l've already done that...its so good no more crying or being upset.I've built a wall so people will stay away that way I don't get hurt. And that seems to happen to me alot so i stay to myself that way i don't get hurt😪

Don't let other people's behavior make you act differently.  Stay true to you.

It depends on what was said to make you cry in the first place.
Better Idea: Removing Dead Branches From Your Family Tree Make YOU  Healthier And Happier! No Regrets! 😊

Also Don't depend on karma...it takes far to long! Just be nice to others because it's the right thing to do...!! Karma is not just for your enemies. It is a natural occurance of reaping of what you have sown. No one escapes reaping. Karma reveals the beauty of grace.

It's better to have a beautiful heart because it shines through and that will make you beautiful. Beautiful face fades away as time goes by but a beautiful heart will always remain beautiful no matter what.