Thank God i have home, food, family and friends

A nice little house with a good yard to grow things and an ability to live and save on your income.  Difficult to find in the first world! I love being with my husband and our little family. Try to distance myself from the negative, drama filled other characters.

I have a lot of stress in my life but thank God l have a cozy home, good food, wonderful family & friends who show so much love and support.

Just have Peace withins Space of our own to understand more of ourselves and change our attitude towards things just to clean our mind and empty all doubts and unhappiness to cherish our life till death comes of no regrets.

Also That`s not life. Who does not want a cozy home, good food, and to be surrounded by happy people?!!!! That can happen but life brings hardship and people are not always happy. You take the bad with the good in life!!!

Peaceful, polite, supportive, unselfish, loving are all wonderful traits. Courage, conviction, sacrifice, and struggles are also necessary for us to become better than we are and more useful to others. The latter helps make the former possible. Don't don't conflict but be prepared to stand up for truth and right so that we can live in a peaceful, happy way. Everything comes at a price.
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