Thank God for every single day

Not everyone is given the chance to grow old. So appreciate and thank God for every single day
of your life.

I am so Happy proud and grateful to be among those who are able to be growing in all ways, especially old.

i’m so thankful to our almighty god cause everytime that i wake up i see the beautiful smile of wife and my childrens and gave me a reason to smile and be happy all day...have a good day every one!

Awaken each day and proclaim your thanks to God above that He has given you another day to drink in his blessings of another day of life and another day with you.

Thank you GOD for giving me another day,years to come.Giving me the chance to give more love to my loved ones,family and friends who appreciates my existence here on Earth.Thank you for all the blessings.I' m so grateful for all of this!