Put Easter Eggs in a safe place and forget where the Safe Place is

At our age, we can hide our own Easter Eggs, wait half hour, and have no clue where we put them.

You’re eggsactly right and that is no yolk! I am hiding eggs for grandchildren but drawing a map so I remember where I hid them! Not me I went to Walmart and bought me some of those memory foam insoles lol Yes it seems we search for things we keep in safe place...we don’t recall the spot...so maybe find surprises when least expect it..🤣

Perfect!! Sometimes you don’t even have to hide them to forget where you put them 😳😂 That's exactly who we are these years. Need to tie balloons on them to find them. Could write on paper where we put them. But I would forget where I put it 🤣

I think I put them with the keys, right by my purse, or did I put them back in the refrigerator behind the jello salad. Oh well, they’ll show up by next Easter. Won’t they!

Yeah i hide mine in my tummy & forget i've eaten them.😂😂

I don’t think age has anything to do with it. I think it’s just how some special set of brains work, no?! Lol love yas! Hope Holy Week is going smoothly for everyone. Happy Easter very soon!!