Push through one day and the next will be better, Stay Strong

Shout out to women who haven't felt like themselves lately, but you get up everyday & refuse to quit; stay Strong.
That is like 99% of the women I know. They struggle on without complaint and with a dazzling smile all while I just coast through life without a care in the the world.  They have my deepest respect & admiration.
Shoutout to the men as well!! No one should suffer! 🙂 Shout out to everyone going through a hard time! KEEP GOING! It’s worth it! You’re stronger than you think 🙂
I know a few that are going through some tough times.  I try to call them every morning with an encouraging word.  Depression is REAL.  And men suffer from it too!  Sometimes just a kind word goes a long way!!
Every day I get up wiping many tears and still manage to put a smile on my face  it feels like a crash & burn cutation but Only the grace of God  keeps afloat so Thank you!!
Some days I go through the motions of whatever I need to do, but still feel like a robot with not much feeling.  :(
Thank God I refused to quit! I suffered for years! Just recently got my Passion for Life back and got Happy & Motivated!!!
That's me I haven't felt myself lately but I still get up and refuse to quit it's not a option I'm staying strong.