My Mother is always in my heart

The loss of your mother, no matter how old you are, changes your life forever. Your mother is your first and forever friend. You never really get over the loss, but you learn to live with it. She is never far away from your thoughts, and she is always in your heart.

For those whose mothers didn't fulfill this role, I hope you found someone who did. I had a Mom like the one described but I know that is not always the case.

If you’ve been blessed to have had a mother with these qualities feel very blessed to have had such a great relationship and memories. Not every mother is like this. It also hurts when she’s alive but walked away from you and your children. Just not interested.

One of the most generous and unconditional loving person, as well as a genuine model of what a great human being could ever be; and the greatest person I have ever known.

Life wasn't the same when I lost my mom.. that I considered the most painful and darkest hour in my life! It took me months and even year to get over with. Gone but never forgotten.. Mom, you're just here in my heart. You're forever missed and loved! ❤❤❤

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