Learn to live with what you have

As you breathe right now, another person takes his last. So stop complaining and learn to live with what you have.

I don't think you should make people feel ashamed or guilty  for venting or dealing their pain in words , by saying the above.. yes someone passes away every second, and someone has it harder than you, but it is how life is, and we cannot live our lives according g to that saying .. it's like saying if you have a good life be quiet there are those who have nothing..  life holds different values and pain if we need to vent our pain or unhappiness so be it. Stop making those who need to talk, feel badly..

Every breath is a wonderful moment without a single pain..thanks to this beautiful moment...❤

I've learned to be happy each day that I get out of bed on my own steam. We take so much for granted, til we don't have it, and realize how good things were.

I have never liked this expression
 It does not make me feel better knowing  the hardships of others. Also it doesn't make me feel better knowing that someone is worse off than I am. This is so true , throw out the negative and enjoy each moment. I have and it feels great.

So true , once I wasn't able to be there in a bad sad time , in a dig I got told someone else was all the way , I was glad some person was as I couldn't explain my situation as I'd heard it then , just like that pop , but the point was kindness is necessary esp when someone has no one by their side or family.

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