I'm Blessed with great childhood friends

Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life. 

And when your childhood friend from when i was 6 yrs.old suddenly passes away it weighs heavy on your heart. Your whole life flashes by, not to mention all the ‘firsts’ that were experienced. My friend was like a sibling, sharing decades stages of our lives..always cherish and live in your moments❣️

When you live in different countries, it’s very hard to keep touch with the same friends. I guess I’m not one of the “lucky ones” but I do consider myself lucky for having travelled so much and having been exposed to different cultures.

Love my friends, keeping you all as buddies - no escapes allowed! I can't believe how long some of us have been together and also how great a friends some of you newbies are! You were so easy to train! Hahaha

It really is luck. everyone changes and grows in different directions as they age. if you are really, really lucky, you have a friend who grows and changes in the same direction as you.