I am thankful and God thank you for everything

I woke up. I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I am thankful.

Yes thank you God for all you give us and for loving us unconditionally.
My bills are paid, I have money leftover, my truck runs good and has a full tank of gas, I didn't wake up with a migraine today, I still have both my parents, I'm no longer addicted to drugs, yes life is good!

We are so blessed to live in the USA. I have lived in other countries where there wasn't running water and we had to walk to a well or river.  I came home and felt so blessed and happy.  A whole new appreciaciation for the simplest things.

Yes  If we have these things and our loved ones are well We are so Blessed !!!! I wish people would understand that 🙏🏻💞🙏🏻

I am grateful each day to wake on a warm bed with food in the fridge, not like some of the less fortunate in the society we all pass though  everyday!!!