I am so proud of my children, Lucky parents

Happiness is when you realize that your children have turned out to be good people.

Not automatic! Lots of hard work and sacrifice on the part of parents. Especially for single parents! I can relate.

All of a sudden you turn around and your kids are making lives and raising great kids of their own.They are responsible adults who respect their elders, vote responsibly and love animals. I am very proud of them!

My children are hard working, caring, loving, productive citizens whom I am so very proud of everyday of my life. All I want us to see my children happy!

We are so proud of our children. They all turned  out to be descent, fair, kind hearted and honest human beings. We are so blessed to call them OUR children.

That is absolutely the best reward of being a parent. Realizing that they are wonderful parents is even sweeter. ❤️

Children are a reflection of their parents... whatever they put in throughout their life, they get it back one day whether good or bad...they have to play the role model

Happiness is also seeing your nieces and nephews growing up to be good people, too,  as I have, and I am so proud of all of them.
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