Happiness Being Grateful

Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time. It's about loving what you have and being grateful for it.

I am so greatrul for everything  I have reveived during this lifetime, especially meeting you and you becoming a the dearest friend I have, I find myself thinking of you a lot lately, and realizing how greateful I truely am for your friendship, you are so wonderful.

How about getting what I want once in awhile would be appreciated it has been years since anything went my way.

Just lately, I had to remind  myself about gratitude. I am so so grateful for everything in my life. I just needed to stop and appreciate what I do have. Thanks too my higher power. I do have it all.

I have nothing close to what I once had. Life changes. Gratitude and appreciation slipped through my fingers. Today, even though I have much less, I have so much more. I am grateful for the smallest of things. I take nothing for granted. Through all the hardships I find I am truly blessed.

It’s absolutely true.
Without bad experiences in life we will not be able to learn & understand .Thats life makes us feel and understand to be contented and grateful of it with his blessings.🙏