Focus on the people that want to be in your life

It took me a long time to learn not to chase. But one day I stopped, just don't chase anyone anymore. It showed me those I was chasing is just what it is I was chasing,. None of them ever chase back.

Nothing is permanent in life.. We cant force people to stay and love us. If it is meant to be it will be.We have to move on...Life is too short. Empower your self and enjoy life..

We escape because the other person want talk about the problem when they are into other person no need to keep reaching out just leave that what they want, not you.

This is true. If you feel somebody doesn't want to be around you or have much to do w you , only thing you can do is let them go. One day they may need you though. Sad that we have to push relationships w some family . should come naturally.

Some people always hold hope they will be forgiven and some people can never stop pushing people away. Some people will always hurt and hate but never stop to listen !!!!

never chase selfish people coz they may not think or be like you.  they may be deceptive.

do u ever wonder why they leave at the first place? If u treat people well, they will never leave. We don’t escape, We move on :-)
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