Find the joy in the story you are living

Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like & learn to find joy in the story you're living.

Well, tell this to someone who just  lost their husband, their lover, best friend, her everything. I am not happy and dont ever see me being happy again.

Don't feel an obligation to just accept your life as is!!! Take control and change your life to suit your needs and desires, if your unhappy then why choose to accept and suffer disappointment. Take these moments as inspiration to grow and make changes to live the lifestyle and career that brings you excitement every morning and value every night!

We will never truly know what are truly destination is. The best thing we can do daily is to be ourselves, learn and grow daily, and the person you are meant to become will manifest for you. 

What's is life offering you now got to embrace it. Be grateful for having it.  Make the best of it. Life is so short to live.

You can't change what was, you don't know what will be, all you can do is accept what is and live in the present moment. Easier said than done though, I wish that saying was reversed... Easier done than said, wouldn't that make things so much simpler...

True but hard for people who don't have the basics to survive like electricity food water are a place to live
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