Cousins are awesome

Cousins are awesome well... mine are. Can't speak for yours.
Just experiencing how true this saying is and not for the first time. ☺

I love my cousins, growing up , we were a close family, still are , we stay in touch, if I have a problem, or need to talk, I know who to call. They are there for me, and I am there for them.
Mine are awesome love spending time together sharing memories.
This is a shoutout to all my awesome cousins love ❤️ you all.
Had fun with my cousins as a child as we all lived close by.  Lost touch for years but now reconnected again.

Hey Cousins , I don't get to see you much but I love ❤️ you and do think of you ! God Bless You. I love all of my cousins they are the best and you are special to me.