Let go for your own sake, Time to say goodbye

Keep your distance from
people who will never a admit
they are wrong and who
always try to make you feel
like it's your fault.

We have a lot of these kind in this generation....they make excuses, then later twist the whole truth that into a lie, instead of you correcting them, they will correct you to the point of blaming you for wrong or damage done!

In my thinking Forgive them... Its better not to have any hatred in your heart....if they dont like you its alright....dont mind it. So long as you know your happy with what your doing., your helping less fortunate people., your contented with your life... Keeping yourself busy with all these...you would not realize your forgetting these people...and that's one good thing...no hatreds your just happy 😁

Glad I’m no longer friends with those people on social media. Some are family and they know they’re toxic but will never admit it. Good riddance!

I do empathize with people who have to deal with others who behave this way. From experience trust those who love you, know you inside and out. Maybe time to say goodbye and be happy lol.

Sometimes it is what it is, and you have to deal with it or let go for your own sake they are so blind and indoctrinated you can only hope they will think for themselves one day.

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