Seconds to hurt, Years to repair the damage

It only takes a few seconds to hurt someone. But sometimes it takes years to repair the damage. Cherish the hearts that love you. And sometimes when you do "something" FOR someone... you've no idea how much it meant to them... Kindness Counts.

The hurt is so painful because it's unbelievable that someone you love could intentionally inflict the pain. The only way to overcome it, is to forgive the person, yourself and seek peace.

Almighty. We ask You to grant complete cure to those facing health challenges. Comfort and heal those who are hurting. Grant ease to those who are prone to overthinking, anxiety, doubt and worry. Fill our hearts with love for You and help us engage in acts that You love!

To all the people out there, if you are leading a healthy and safe life just take out a few minutes and thank Almighty for everything. Sometimes go visit hospitals and see for yourself. Visit the sick. If you are living in a healthy lifestyle don't take it for granted. Health is wealth. If you are alive and healthy just thank Almighty Lord. May Allah cure all those who are sick. Ameen.

People will talk. No matter what you say or do, you can’t stop them from talking. So let them talk because the Almighty will protect your reputation. As long as you’ve done right and not hurt or harmed  anyone, don’t worry. He will be on your side and keep you safe. 

The truth is people will talk about you and there’s not much you can do about it. Don’t throw yourself into emotional turmoil when you hear what they’re saying. Remember, the problem is theirs, not yours. If you feel the need to defend yourself against a lie, do it calmly. Just do your thing. Don’t let anyone stop you or extinguish the light in you. People will talk anyway.

Such is life. Sometimes friends & loved ones are the ones who hurt us most. Considering the nature of these relationships, some incidents can leave a deep wound, threatening to uproot friendships & harm family ties. Turn to the Almighty; only He can help you heal and forgive.

Focus on ways and means to please our Lord. Stay out of the crowed to protect from the spreading negetivity. If you get caught up with the negetive vibe it is difficult to get out of it. Try and clear your path in order to move forward. Seek guidance from Almighty.

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