In memory of our loved ones in Heaven this Christmas

In Loving memory of our loved ones in Heaven - Keep this Christmas candle burning
A post to help people through grief, remember loved ones and also inspire. Helping to make life a little easier and bring comfort to all.

Christmas can be a difficult reminder of the love we shared with our loved ones, our soul mates, our life partners. Focus on the love you shared and the feelings that made you smile, not the sadness and pain of their loss. That love is the most wonderful and powerful of all emotions and is something that should be treasured. Share the love inside your heart for those loved ones that will not be with us this Christmas.

 It's hard when our loved ones aren't with us on Holidays and even on their Birthday every year, but they're still with us in their spirit and always will be by our side watching over us! They're our Beautiful Angeles in heaven will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten! Will always love and miss them so much!

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