A mother is always a mother

A mother is always a mother she never stops worrying about her children even when they are all growing and have children of their own.

A mother is always a mother regardless of their ages. A mother is always there. Even when our children grow up we still care and love them. You never stop being a mother love is a powerful part of  our family that binds us Together. 

Your children are your children all your life, not just till they have children of their own. You never stop worrying about your children Or want to be helpful on their time of need  no matter how old they get. 

You as a parent will always feel that way about your children even if they are grown up and grandkids also want the best for them always.

I raised my kids by myself. I worked too hard just to give what they want in life. Now they have their own families and what they saw from me they show it to their kids too. Parents should be role model to their children. Amen

My children are a blessing from God and l love them with all my heart.  I'm not the perfect mother but l would never give up on my children or their children.  

Children are wonderful they are the blessings of God we must love them with all our hearts I may not be a perfect mom but I love them so much never give up with my children and grandchildren as well.

I love my children more than they will ever know but I am human and make mistakes but I still need them to tell me they love me

No matter how old they get or what they have accomplished you still worry about their well being and how they are. It's a never ending thing for a Mom because the love a Mother has for her child is unending no matter what. Mom's are always on call 24/7 because they love their children so much it doesn't matter the time of day or the age of their kids.This is the truest form of love.

A mother is always a mother

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